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5 DIY bridal ideas that are simple and easy

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DIY Bridal: K.I.S.S.

I haven't been a bride some some 19 years, whoa.  However, when you invent a DIY flower arranger you just kind of stay in the know.  I am constantly amazed at what people pull off when doing a DIY wedding.  Some of the DIY stuff rivals what I have seen from celebrity weddings and while it is beautiful I come away from those images thinking, "Yeah right.  She clearly doesn't work, have children or sleep."

So in that vein, here are my tips for a DIY bride that Keep It Simple & Sleep

1.  Guest book

I can honestly tell you I have not looked once at my guest book in my life but I have looked at my pictures over the years.  Why not put up a simple back drop and a sign asking guests to take a selfie and send it to you in lieu of a guest book?  Or if you are having a more formal affair, ask your photographer or friend to take a photo of your guests as they arrive. You can pick up a tripod for an iphone tripod HERE for only $16.

2.  Cake as the centerpiece, well and as cake!

Flowers,cake, decor, oh my!  Why not simplify and make cake your centerpiece for each table?  You can pre-order 8 inch round cakes in a variety of flavors with simple white frosting from most grocery store bakeries for about $8-10. Simply add this cool invention Easy Arranger CakeVase and some water and flowers.  I would recommend ordering flowers early from some one like Costco or my favorite fiftyflowers.com and doing the arrangements in the cake the day or 2 before.  See even Martha thought it was a good idea.

3. Use chalkboard runners for everything.

Ok, I am exaggerating a bit but they really are handy.  You can use them as a guest book, for labeling food on the buffet, as table decor or even on the kid's table to keep them busy.  Best yet you can erase them and reuse them in your everyday life too.  I like to use Dry Erase Bright Crayons or chalk ink markers to keep it dust free and non-smudging.

4. Ask for help from the "doers" in your life

I know this seems obvious but it bears mentioning.  Identify the people in your life who are action people.  Some friends like to talk about your wedding and may even offer to help but they may be more of a "discussing plans over wine" versus "make 10 flower arrangements" friends.  The best thing you can do for the doers is give them a job, a timeline and a great thank you. Here's a fun thank you item that you can put together quickly. Just buy the earrings online in bulk and print your own thank you card on your printer at home. You can buy the earrings here for about $7 

5.  Make your own flower arrangements but cheat

If you follow my blog you know I invented Easy Arranger so here is the shameless plug.

It really does make it easy to do you own arrangements.  My favorite simple arrangement is a traditional low rose arrangement.  The night before your wedding have each guest at your rehearsal party grab a vase, a Easy Arranger and some roses and print these steps to show them.  Each arrangement takes 8-10 roses depending on how full they are.  In about 20 minutes they will be all done.  You can buy Easy Arrangers here. Fifty flowers has 200 roses in a variety of colors for only $200 here.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your special day even more.

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