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Early holiday shopping...yes or no?

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You won't believe this but I heard my first "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" last week.  It was 95 degrees in Louisiana and didn't look a damn thing like Christmas but there I was selling at a holiday market.  We sold a ton of Scribbles chalkboard placemats, Nativity Coloring Sticker rolls and Easy Arrangers, which I am assuming people were buying for Christmas gifts.

This begged the question, "When is to early too start shopping for the holidays?"

Personally the earlier I start the more I buy.  I find a couple of things here, then there and before you know it my Christmas morning looks like, welll...... this

Holiday mess

But with how busy my holidays are, it feels wrong to wait until mid-December to find that perfect guy gift or the one thing that will make my kids give me that "Wow" face.

So, when do you start your holiday shopping?

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