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A field guide to creating a low stress brunch

My daugther Alice hit a big milestone in her life, her first communion!  Her ceremony was at 3:00 in the afternoon and with family from out of town we decided a brunch would be a great pre-party.  Now I tend to "overdue" things but this time I swore it would be different.  I wanted to [...]

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10 Last minute gift ideas for Mother's Day

I don't know about you but Mother's Day sneaks up on my every year.  I constantly find myself the week before Mother's Day scrambling to come up with a gift that is fun, meaningful, creative or even just useful.  If you are stuck trying to figure out what to get Mom with just days until [...]

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DIY flower arranging guide: How to choose the right floral tool for the job

As the inventor of Easy Arranger, people love to tell me about their favorite DIY floral design tool.  I have learned so much from what they tell me.  What works, what really doesn't, and their tips are tricks for choosing each one and I thought it might be helpful to share it here.Start by asking yourself [...]

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5 things parents can do to get ready for summer break

It's that time of the year!  I am more than ready to give up the morning routine of getting the kids off to school but I know that soon summer will be just a memory.  In order to make the most of it, I have been planning ahead. Here are 5 things any parent can do [...]

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Why my micro-business provides at-work daycare

If you call us at andcasa.com there is a good chance that you will hear some fun sounds in the background.  Maybe its laughter or a big wheel on the driveway outside, regardless it isn't just the sound of our printer or a tape gun.  That's because we have at work daycare here at andcasa and [...]

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Give Mom a gift made by a Mom this Mother's Day.

So most of you know I am the proud mama of 2 wonderful kids.  I am always amazed that each Mother's Day comes around and everyone is totally lost as to what to give me.  It's not like I don't have a thousand hobbies and interests to choose from. Well, this year's "Mom, what do [...]

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5 Kid-friendly seashell crafts

These 5 kid-friendly seashell crafts will make you finally use up those treasures you picked up on your last vacation!

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4 Easy Gifts to Make

I was totally inspired by a recent article in HGTV magazine this month.  It was a great article about alternative gift ideas to the traditional gifts for Mother's Day.  I would tell you what my favorite was but since my mom-in-law reads my blog, I better wait.  Regardless, it inspired me to show you 4 [...]

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Easy 4 Step Flower Arrangement for Beginners

Do you know how to arrange flowers?  Well, I don't.  No seriously.  I invented Easy Arranger 12 years ago in my basement because I could not create a pretty floral arrangement to save my life.  I was the queen of the floral flop.  You know what I mean, I buy the beautiful bouquet at the [...]

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DIY: How to create Dinosaur themed Easter Basket

Yesterday I focused on a cute and useful art inspired Easter Basket.  Today, I am all about the DINOs!  In case you missed my post yesterday, I am doing a non-candy Easter Basket this year.  Not because I am a no sugar mama but simply because they get soooo much of that from everyone else [...]

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