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Sometimes it's just saying thank you

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This weekend I attended a fundraiser and something struck me as weird. There weren't enough thank yous.  Weird right?  This is the one place where I should have been hearing it ad nauseam.  I think maybe it was just me. Maybe I was too busy to notice. Or maybe I wasn't in the right place at the right time but regardless it sparked me to think... 

How can I say thank you and be sure it is heard and remembered?

So here it is.... 5 ways to say thank you loud and clear.

1.  Go old fashioned

By this I mean, don't text, email or call.  Be personal.  Extend your hand, look them in the eye and say "Thank you for ____ " Be specific.  Tell them what it means to you and that what they did was important.   If you can't do this in person, go with the same theme in a good old fashioned thank you note.  Everyone loves mail that isn't junk.  

2.  Flowers

This is my favorite.  There is something about giving someone flowers that always makes them smile.  They don't have to be fancy or expensive or in a gorgeous arrangement to be meaningful.  Stop at a florist and grab one or 2 stems or pick up a bouquet while you are at the grocery store.  Flowers can say thank you for at least a week on your behalf and every time they look at them they will remember your gratitude.  Note the gratuitous use of an Easy Arranger here.  

3.  Public 

I don't mean you have to sky write it or stand in front of a mic (but sometimes that's important too).  Being public means letting others know in a bigger way that you appreciate the work someone has done.  I always get a thrill when I log in to social media and someone has said that I impacted their life.  I always try and say thank you to my team through Facebook when they really have pulled out all the stops.  It let's their friends and family know that they are doing a great job and that they are appreciated.

4. Eat, drink and be merry

People love to make fun of office holiday parties and gatherings but I love them.  I think they are a great way to say "You work all year long so here are some free drinks and food. It's the least I can do."  From a small office where you are together WAY too much anyway?  Then bonuses help too.  That's what we do here so our employees can eat, drink and be merry on the company dime however they choose.

5.  Pay it forward and serve

Nothing says thank you like offering to help.  Our world would be such a better place if we viewed it in terms of opportunity to serve instead of opportunity to receive.  Be appreciative but also be the person to give a little more.  Look for opportunities to make our world better every day and accept graciously the gratitude that you receive

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